Maysville Presbyterian Church

August 2017

​CALENDAR – August 2017
6 – Worship Service, 11: 15 am (Sermon Text – Genesis 32:22-31)
13 – Worship Service, 11:15 am (Sermon Text – Romans 10:5-15)
2-Cents-A-Meal Offering
Session Meeting after worship
20 – Worship Service, 11:15 am (Sermon Text – Genesis 45:1-15)
27 – Worship Service, 11:15 am (Sermon Text – Romans 12:1-8)

BULLETIN – August  
Martha Louis 

USHERS – August   
Robert Saxon

Bunny Snoddy

NURSERY DUTY – August   
August 6 – Marianne Dennison
August 13 – Irene Ellis
August 20 – Melissa Wallace
August 27 – Leah Oliver

Presbytery Meeting
On August 19th, the stated meeting of the Presbytery of the Peaks will take place at Farmville Presbyterian Church. The meeting will be from 1 – 4 pm. If you would like to volunteer to help with the coordination of the meeting, please let Rev. Bowman know.  

Make sure October 8th is marked on your calendar. That will be the day for our annual Homecoming worship and celebration. This year’s preacher will be Rev. Carl Utley, Interim General Presbyter for the Presbytery of the Peaks. We will be sending out invitations soon. Please contact Rev. Bowman if you know of someone who should receive an invitation.

Church Retreat  
Once again, we will be joining with our friends from New Store for our annual church retreat. The retreat will be at Ellis Acres on October 29th. Be sure to check future newsletters for more details about the retreat.

Summer Bible Study
Our summer Bible study will continue until August 16th. With our summer Bible study, we are seeking to answer the question, Who Is Jesus? by examining Jesus from the perspective of the Gospel writers, Paul, the book of Hebrews, Non-Canonical gospels such as the Gospel of Thomas, other faiths, and modern day scholars. Bible study will be held each Wednesday evening at 7 pm.

Community Event
Be sure to put September 16th on your calendar. That will be the day of the 2nd annual “Vino In the Village” event at The Historic Village at Lee Wayside. Local vineyards will be on hand to give event goers the opportunity to taste wines from all over central Virginia. There will also be food, music, and a children’s area. The event will be from 11 am – 5 pm. Admission is $ 15 for those participating in wine tastings and $ 10 for non tasters.

Why Do We Give?
Theologian John Calvin once said, “We are surrounded by God’s benefits. The best use of these benefits is an unceasing expression of gratitude.” The benefit Calvin is speaking of is the gift of grace. As Calvin reminds us with this quote, the best response we can have to this gift of grace is “an unceasing expression of gratitude.” Think for a moment about the words of the Doxology. Remember that the Doxology begins with the words, “Praise God from whom all blessing flow.” Those words, along with these words by Calvin, accurately summarize why we give. We give as a response to all that God has given us. As a congregation, we have many opportunities to give. We give each week when we put our offering in the offering plate. We give when we bring food for the food pantry. And we give when there is a special offering, such as the most recent offering we collected for the Sunnyside Communities of Virginia. All of these types of giving are important and are all ways we can live out our call as Christians to respond to God’s gift of grace with open hands and open hearts.