What time is your worship service and Sunday School?

Sunday School classes meet at 10:00 a.m. 

We worship each Sunday morning at 11:15 a.m. However, each time there is a 5th Sunday, we will worship with our sister congregation, New Store Presbyterian. If you plan to join us on a 5th Sunday, please check our website for time and location of this service.  

Where do my children go?

We invite you to bring your children for Sunday school each week at 10:00 a.m. We have a couple of wonderful volunteers who lead our children's Sunday school. One of these volunteers will be available each week to lead children's Sunday school. If you are bringing your children with you to worship, that is great! It is an important part of a child's faith development to participate in worship. Children are invited to be with us during the first part of worship. This includes announcements, a call to worship, a hymn, a prayer of confession, and an assurance of pardon. After the assurance of pardon, a volunteer will lead a children's sermon. Following the children's sermon, younger children are invited to the children's Sunday School room upstairs, which is staffed by adult volunteers as well as teenage volunteers from The Discovery School of Virginia. 

What should I wear?

​When you come to worship at Maysville, you are invited to wear what feels comfortable to you. You will probably notice that what people wear at the service runs the gamut, from jeans and polo shirts to suits. Although most people who attend worship probably dress up a little more formally than they do during their time outside of church, please do not think "I don't have any church clothes to wear." For us, whatever you wear to church are your church clothes. 

Where do I go?

When you arrive for worship, there will be two ushers outside the building. They will give you a bulletin, which is what we use to guide our worship. Once you enter the sanctuary, please sit in an area of the sanctuary that feels comfortable to you. If you are joining us for Sunday school, we invite you use the east side entrance of the church near the playground. This will bring you into our fellowship hall, which is where our adult Sunday school classes meet. From there, your children will be welcome to go upstairs to our children's Sunday school room. 

How do I make friends?

There are many opportunities to connect with people at Maysville. During the fall and spring (September-May), we have a fellowship lunch following worship on the fourth Sunday of each month. We also have an adult Sunday School class that meets each week of the year at 10:00 a.m. During the fall and spring, we have opening exercises between 10:00 and 10:15 a.m. During the summer, we have a time for fellowship that includes juice and pastries. 


What is your worship like?

At Maysville, our worship follows a flow of gathering together, sharing of the Word, and sending the people out. Our worship is liturgical, which means that there is an order to the service with unison prayers, affirmation of faith, and uplifting hymns. You can view the most recent sermon here. Our worship service usually lasts about an hour.